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Current Standings as of 7/22/19

Kevin B  
Matt R  
Rob W  
Krista L  
Lyda W  
Johnathan V  
Abby W  
Austin L  
Caitlin W  
Kayla J  
Matt M  
Gretta M  
Kelsey S  
Carl P  
Andrea H  
James M  
Will B  
Amelia W  
Sherry P  
Julep G  
Trey M  
David L  
Chris S  
Skylar M  
Sam C  
Ken G  
Heather W  
Shoshana G   
Rhiannon B     
Traci B      
Jason C  
Pat L  
Megan D  
Philip C  
Sarah S  
Sarah D  
Carrington K  
Mike H  
Robert B     
Chester W     
Robert F