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Heritage Awareness Diver




The Heritage Awareness Diver Course with Patriot Dive Center

Submerged cultural resources are exciting to explore. However, they are fragile, irreplaceable, and protected by law. Learn about the science of archaeology, how to help archaeologists, and how to help protect underwater heritage. Share the excitement of exploring the past without damaging or destroying these unique resources.

The Fun Part 

Here in North Carolina we have the pleasure of being able to dive in the Graveyard of the Atlantic. Many ships sunken off our coast hold tons of history, in this course you will learn about one of our most famous wrecks The Queen Anne's Revenge.

What You Learn

You’ll learn about archaeology, shipwrecks, laws protecting cultural resources, the identification and dating of maritime artifact, and issues of conservation. Most importantly, you will learn to be “citizen archaeologists” helping archaeologists learn about the past while not causing damage to non-renewable heritage resources. You will put this knowledge to the test on one open water dive to explore a submerged cultural resource.


Divers must be Open Water certified and be at least 12 years of age. One open water dive is required. The only requirement for non-divers is to be interested! No diving or in-water training is required.

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