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Dive Against Debris Treasures

While most Dive Against Debris® surveys focus on removing common trash items like plastic bottles, fishing line, and aluminum cans from the ocean environment, some divers also focus on collecting marine debris ‘treasures’. They’re not exactly finding gold doubloons, but the items that these divers are […]

Sharks Should Be Respected, Not Feared

  “We hear the word “shark” and we can’t help but immediately fill in the blank after it with “attack”.” – Elaina Zachos, writer for the National Geographic online Let’s be honest, sharks have a pretty bad reputation. Our obsession with sharks as bloodthirsty, man-eating beasts […]

The Best Natural Sunscreen For Scuba Diving Or Snorkeling

Sunscreen is a necessity for most scuba divers, but not all sunblock is created equal. Some contain an ingredient that’s destroying coral reefs around the world. The evidence is so strong, Hawai’i may pass a law banning certain sunscreens. The primary chemical culprit is oxybenzone, an […]

6 Tips For Making A Good Dive Great

Ever have one of those dives where everything went wrong? Broken fin strap, low visibility, ear problems? While scuba diving can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences, we’re bound to have a “less than optimal” experience from time to time. You may be wondering if there […]

Top 4 Specialties To Try In 2019

The best divers are versatile, knowledgeable, and prepared to dive in all conditions. Sound good? Then read on. Regardless of your certification level, these four specialties will take your diving to the next level. Underwater Navigator: Save Money and Be Your Own Guide “It’s always […]