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Kimi Werner – Shining A Light On Sustainable Spearfishing

Kimi Werner fell in love with the ocean when she was barely five years old – watching her dad freedive and spearfish off the coast of Maui. Back then, underwater hunting was simply a way for her family to put food on the table. Cut to […]

Padi Travel’s Top 8 Resorts For Diving And Culture

We all love dive travel. It helps us unwind and understand more about the world, its cultures and the natural wonders within it. Indeed, the magic of a resort often comes down to the people behind the businesses – the receptionist who’s worked at the […]

The Best Locations To Dive With Sharks By Species

Sharks. You either want to dive with them all or you’re just not interested. While shark diving isn’t for everyone, it can certainly be one of the most memorable and exhilarating experiences to have underwater. The moment you cross paths with a shark, your perception […]

5 Ocean Documentaries To Get Anyone Excited About Conservation

Ensure screen time is quality time with documentary films that are educational. Here are a few of our favourites that talk about marine debris and ocean conservation. 1. A Plastic Ocean   A Plastic Ocean documents what happens to plastic products after they’re thrown “away.” As the […]

Human In The Water: What We Do As Divers Affects Our Oceans

With every drop of water we drink, and every breath we take we are physically connected to the ocean.  Water flows through nature and is directed to us via human ingenuity.  The carbon dioxide we exhale is converted to oxygen by the algae within corals.  […]