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10 Power Foods For A Pre-dive Boost

Drew Schneier 18 January, 2016   Ever feel famished after a dive? We’ve all been there. As with any physical activity, the food you put in your body before a dive can be essential in creating much needed energy and stamina to keep you feeling strong and alert […]

6 Ways To Keep Warm While Diving

Peta King 1 August, 2016   If you’re an avid diver, a little cold won’t stop you from taking the plunge to explore the underwater world, and it shouldn’t! It’s important though that you remember to keep warm while diving. These 6 tips will help you stay […]

Myths And Misconceptions About Peeing In Your Wetsuit

You did what in your wetsuit?! There’s a well-worn saying among divers: there are those who pee in their wetsuit, and there are those who lie about it. We’re not 100% sure if that’s true, but there are plenty of myths and misconceptions we can […]

5 Things Our Non-diving Friends Ask Us

1 November, 2018 Written by Danielle Schofield No sooner than you’ve got your PADI certification, you’ll spark awe and curiosity in your non-diving buddies. Previously, we’ve broken down a few common misconceptions like, ’Aren’t sharks aggressive?’ and, ‘Don’t you have to travel far away?’ Now, we take […]

5 Reasons Why We Love Cold Water Diving

Julie Clarke-Bush 16 June, 2015   From wolf eels to seals, from the clearest viz to the lowest temps, we celebrate what makes cold water diving the best. #1 Because you can see diverse marine life. Cold water diving delivers biodiversity like garibaldi, giant Pacific octopus, wolf […]