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Myths And Misconceptions About Peeing In Your Wetsuit

You did what in your wetsuit?! There’s a well-worn saying among divers: there are those who pee in their wetsuit, and there are those who lie about it. We’re not 100% sure if that’s true, but there are plenty of myths and misconceptions we can […]


Your scuba gear is your life support equipment when exploring the underwater world. Taking proper care of your gear is important for your safety and to protect your equipment investment. Dive gear, especially the regulator system, is sturdy stuff. By establishing a routine that includes […]

6 Things You Don’t Know About Dry Suit Diving

 Rich Morin knows a lot about dry suits. Not only does he perform search-and-recovery operations under the ice for local police teams, he also teaches loads of Ice Diver certification courses through his PADI Five Star Dive Center, in New York. If you would like […]