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5 Tips To Help Preserve Our Wrecks For The Future

Many wrecks — like Scapa Flow’s battleships — bear the scars from exciting or tragic histories, and divers flock to get a first-hand glimpse. Some wrecks hold cultural importance, attracting archaeological research and protection, while others may have been purposefully sunk to provide a new home for the ocean’s […]

7 Ways To Celebrate Aware Week

Over the past 26 years, Project AWARE has removed over 1 million pieces of trash, adopted over 300 dive sites, and supported the dive efforts of over 800,000 supporters in the AWARE community. Project AWARE utilizes donations toward shark and ray conservation, marine debris solutions, ocean protection, […]

Kimi Werner – Shining A Light On Sustainable Spearfishing

Kimi Werner fell in love with the ocean when she was barely five years old – watching her dad freedive and spearfish off the coast of Maui. Back then, underwater hunting was simply a way for her family to put food on the table. Cut to […]

5 Ocean Documentaries To Get Anyone Excited About Conservation

Ensure screen time is quality time with documentary films that are educational. Here are a few of our favourites that talk about marine debris and ocean conservation. 1. A Plastic Ocean   A Plastic Ocean documents what happens to plastic products after they’re thrown “away.” As the […]

Human In The Water: What We Do As Divers Affects Our Oceans

With every drop of water we drink, and every breath we take we are physically connected to the ocean.  Water flows through nature and is directed to us via human ingenuity.  The carbon dioxide we exhale is converted to oxygen by the algae within corals.  […]