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Quiz: Which Padi Specialty Course Should You Take?

Are you tempted to expand your scuba knowledge, but don’t know where to start? Take our fun quiz to get some inspiration… Q1: What do you love most about diving? A: Breathing underwater B: Meeting new friends C: Visiting a whole new world D: Trying […]

Freediving Vs Scuba Diving: 5 Big Differences

If you spend enough time underwater, either freediving or scuba diving, then you’ll get to experience some incredible and life-changing things. But aside from the obvious difference: tank vs no tank, what makes a freediving experience different from that experienced through scuba diving? Let’s find […]

5 Important Reasons To Take The Padi Rescue Diver Course

As divers, we all chose to experience life underwater by learning to dive. After getting scuba certified, some of us then decided to expand upon our open water skills (and maybe we also wanted to go a little deeper underwater too) by taking the PADI Advanced Open […]

Earn College Credit Through Padi Scuba Diving Courses

John Kinsella 3 February, 2017   You know that awesome scuba course you just finished? Did you know it could count towards college credit? Diving is full of surprises. Your first breath underwater is an unforgettable moment. That first dive with just you and your […]

What’s The Difference Between Scuba Diver And Open Water Diver?

Megan Denny 22 October, 2018 You may have heard people say, “I’m a scuba diver,” or “I’m a PADI® Diver,” but you may not have encountered the term Open Water Diver until you started searching for information about learning to scuba dive. Here’s what you need to know: […]