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How To Become A Scuba Diver: Everything You Want To Know

If you’ve always wanted to experience the world beneath the waves, a PADI® Open Water Diver certification is your passport to adventure. Here’s a primer on what getting certified is all about and what to expect in the PADI Open Water Diver course. A PADI […]

The Best Gifts For Scuba Divers

Every year in November and December, divers around the world search for something rare and magical. It can be harder to find than a frogfish, and more elusive than a whale shark, but when they find it, all the other divers are envious. What is it? The […]

Black Friday Is Coming

This holiday season we’re focused on giving back to the charities that work hard year round to help protect our ocean planet. Visit shop.PADI.com on Black Friday to get 10% off PADI eLearning materials and we will match that 10% and donate to an ocean charity. […]

5 Tips To Help Preserve Our Wrecks For The Future

Many wrecks — like Scapa Flow’s battleships — bear the scars from exciting or tragic histories, and divers flock to get a first-hand glimpse. Some wrecks hold cultural importance, attracting archaeological research and protection, while others may have been purposefully sunk to provide a new home for the ocean’s […]

4 Ways Freediving Will Change Your Life

Little did I know when I took a freediving course three years ago that learning to hold my breath underwater would change my life. A whole world that I never knew existed has opened up to me and now, I can’t get enough. Eat, sleep, […]