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Eco Friendly Products I Love To Use When Traveling

When you are travelling you are leaving your print on the world, one way or another. Whether you are going on a dive trip, or have something else in mind for your upcoming holiday, there is no denying the impact we have on the environment, […]

7 Facts About Plastic Bags That Will Change How You Use Them

There’s no denying that plastic bags are bad for the environment. It’s well researched and well documented – and yet 160,000 plastic bags are still used every second around the world. This needs to change, so we’ve put together some facts that will change the […]

4 Easy Ways To Help Ocean Health When Traveling

They say travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. This couldn’t be truer, especially when you think of all the amazing experiences and adventures you are left with when you come home from a trip. Eating local cuisine, joining fun excursions […]

The Unsung Pioneers Of Diving - Part 2

Written by PADI AmbassaDiver™ Gemma Smith Carrying on from my last blog on the unsung pioneers of diving, I had always intended to write now about some of my favourite male divers who have contributed to this diving sport we all love. As I started researching […]

The Unsung Pioneers Of Diving - Part 1

Written by PADI AmbassaDiver, Gemma Smith With technology in diving constantly evolving, and the boundaries of what is possible continually being pushed, it is sometimes easy to forget those pioneers of diving, who paved the way for so much of what we do now. Whether it […]