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Florida's Shipwreck Trail

Whether you’re looking to earn your Wreck Diver certification, or already a certified PADI® Wreck Diver, the Florida Keys are an enticing destination. With approximately 1000 shipwrecks in and around the keys, the Florida Keys Shipwreck Trail can help divers experience some of the best wreck […]

Megalodon Shark Facts - The Largest Known Ocean Predator

Though estimated to be extinct for nearly 2.6 million years, the Megalodon is said to be one of the largest known predators to ever swim the ocean deep. These incredible creatures would reach nearly 59ft (18m) in length, weighed about 65 tons, and would eat whales […]

Top 10 Diving Games

There’s more to scuba than that magical weightless feeling and seeing amazing creatures in their natural habitat. There are also a ton of fun games you can play in scuba or snorkel gear. Here are our ten favorites: Underwater BINGO/scavenger huntUsing a laminated BINGO card […]