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Improve Your Scuba Skills From Your Sofa

Surface intervals are way too long sometimes! Between dives the next trip can’t come around fast enough, because you are drying out and so are your skills. By the time you are packing your dive bag, are you beginning to wonder if you still know what […]

How To Recycle An Old Wetsuit

Wetsuits are primarily made out of neoprene, a non-biodegradable material made from petroleum. They’re bad for landfills, but ideal for making drink koozies, yoga mats, and small home improvement projects. How Long Will a Scuba Wetsuit Last? A quality wetsuit can last one to five […]

Recycling Myths Trashed

We all know that recycling is an important issue and as divers we have seen the effects of plastic in our oceans. Are we doing enough? Here are some common myths about recycling which may be holding us back from doing more to help Mother […]

Eight Ways Diving Is Good For Your Health

Diving isn’t just an exciting way to enjoy the ocean. The underwater sport is also good for the body and the mind. In addition to all of the reasons to love scuba, here are eight ways diving is good for you – no matter what […]

Mastering Your Mask Skills

In order to pass the PADI Open Water Diver course, or to enjoy a try-dive properly, there are some basic skills that your PADI professional will work through with you before you go diving. Some of these skills are known as ‘mask skills’ – simple skills that […]